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Oncoplus is a chain of dedicated cancer care centre that offers top notch cancer treatment using cutting edge technology. At Oncoplus Dedicated Cancer Care, we understand the toll it takes on receiving cancer treatment and hence our team of dedicated and friendly staff strives to make the experience of receiving chemotherapy more comforting. We genuinely believe that the ambience can play a vital role in speedy recovery. Oncoplus DCDC takes utmost care in providing its patients a very warm, cheerful and friendly environment that can liven the mood. The soothing wall color, vivid frescos, vibrant wall art and comfortable furniture are designed to cheer up the patients. Visitors can indulge in an array of activities like reading, watching TV in a peaceful and comforting environment.


Our immediate mission is to set up prime dedicated centres across nation to provide world-class anti-cancer care and cancer care experience


Oncoplus believes that Life stands still when one is battling with cancer therefore it is important to turn all stones around to fetch best results. Hence at Oncoplus from screening to opinion and opinion to treatment all we try and deliver with minimal hassle and maximum response. Scientific approach, Team of Super specialist doctors, World class care, Oncology oriented Medical and para-medical staff, Peaceful and educational environment with personalized care to offer that it cut down all other hassles a patient or its next of kin has to go through. Oncoplus would like to be worlds partner for anti-cancer care.


Chemotherapy, Hormonal therapy, Target Therapy, Monoclonal Anti Bodies, Specialized Anti-Cancer OPD's, Endoscopies & Bronchoscopies, Tumor Board Opinion, Chemo port insertion, USG/USG Guided Biopsies, Cancer Screening, Pathology, Radiology and diagnostics, Blood and Blood component transfusions, Cancer care facility, Supportive care, Post Chemo Care, Nutrition and Diet counselling.


State of art infrastructure with latest equipment, Expertise of eminent anti-cancer super specialists, Dedicated anti-cancer care, Highly experienced medical staff, Minimal or no disruption regular routine Personalized care.


We believe the ambience plays an important role in speeding up the recovery of patient, Thus the DCDC takes every care to provide a patient friendly, functional and cheerful environment, the waiting lounge and comfortable furniture is meant to lift up the mood of visitors, patient, Whole centre is designed with multiple activities of e.g books, peaceful environment, TV's etc. to comfort the need of Patient/Visitor.


Centre is equipped with latest equipment such as GE USG machine, GE Portable X ray, GE Cardiac Monitor, Electronic beds, Monitor, Infusion pumps and take care of undesirable patient condition We are also having Portable Ventilator, Defibrillator, Crash Cart, Suction machine, Portable Oxygen Cylinders etc.


Centre is equipped with yorco's latest Chemo mixing bio safety cabinet to ensure that We stay environment friendly and Having experienced Onco-Pharmacist to ensure accurate dosage for chemo patients.


Having separate Block for OPD and IPD patients, Hygienic cancer care cabins, Each Cabin is equipped with Electronic Patient Bed/Recliner, AC, TV, Attendant Chair. Nursing Call bell, Having separate Procedure Room, Special OPD chambers, USG Room, Endoscopy and Bronchoscopy suite, Reception, Nursing Assistant, Counter, Waiting Lounge, Toilets and Administrative block.

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