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Welcome to Oncoplus Overseas Patient Instructions!

Oncoplus is welcoming all overseas patients. Located in India, we are also providing our outstanding services and support to patients joining us from abroad. Thus, we have considered initiating our support services to assist our overseas patients with visa and arrival details.

We want you to have the appropriate information on how you can come to India and take advantage of our professional care services. Coming from overseas to India requires a Visa. In our case the Visa purpose should be a Medical one, since you will be coming in our country to join our Oncoplus medical centre in order to start your treatment.

Visa eligibility is a standard process, but in order for you not to navigate furthermore, we are already including below the main steps and criteria to be considered beforehand.

Why Oncoplus
Send your Queries or contact @ - 91+8588909091 , Email- General guideline of overseas patients coming to India
  • a. If you are an overseas patient (not from Pakistan or Bangladesh) you should get the registering form at International Patients Service Desk.
  • b. If you are a patient from Pakistan or Bangladesh you should get registered at one of the Police Stations or at the Commissioner’s Office. In such case the registering should be done within 24 hours from the moment of arrival in India.
Step by step guide.
  • Consult our Oncoplus page in regards to the facilities, timeliness and availability in order to have an overall picture of the schedule we have in place in terms of treatments.
  • After concluding that our services are properly tailored for you, it comes the registration moment.
  • You share passport details with us through a secure channel of communication
  • Oncoplus sends you the Visa Invitation
  • This invitation should be sent by you to our Indian Embassy in your country
  • After the Visa confirmation you can immediately proceed with the journey details

In order for us to welcome you with the best accommodation possible, we would kindly recommend to share your schedule details with Oncoplus Call Ms Amandeep Kaur @ 91+8588909091 (Head-Operation). We would be glad to hear from you and organise everything at your disposal. Considering our rich agenda in terms of over the seas visitors we really appreciate to accommodate them in a home-like environment.