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Oncoplus is committed to serve patients with top notch treatment facilities and procedures in a safe and friendly environment. Some of the services offered at Oncoplus are:

Department of oncology and tumor board
The best consultants with comprehensive agenda of treat and care, Department of Oncology is headed by Dr. Puneet Gupta (Director Oncology Services)
Chemotherapy and Care
Anti-Cancer drugs commonly known as Chemotherapy has its own good and reverse effects on body however to minimize such reverse effects it is so very
Extra Care
Make it Extra care Facility instead of care facilities and put this in the section -We have designed Oncoplus with great care
Chemo port, Endoscopies and Procedures
Chemo Port is an advance and well known implant. A port can be implanted by a surgeon and this brings down the amount of needle sticks required.
Screening and Diagnostics
Oncoplus offers advance and prompt cancer screening facilities.
Pre-Post and Supportive Care
This is a very essential part of treatment which is often neglect or not being emphasized.
Diet and Nutrition
While receiving treatment, it is important to consume well balanced diet and take supplements to boost the immune system.
Nursing Care
The one who cares most and can comfort the patient most. At Oncoplus, We understand the importance of nursing care
Biopsies & FNACS
Endoscopies & Colonoscopies
Lab & Diagnostic Services
General Surgery & Laparoscopic Surgery
Liver Management
GI Surgery
Bone marrow Aspirations & Biopsies
Plastic & Cosmetic Services
Hair Transplant
Obesity Surgery
Bariatric Surgery
Metabolic Surgery
Diabetic Surgery
Cardiology Clinic
Diabetologist Clinic
Orthopedic & Spine
ENT Surgeries
Laser Therapy
Dermatology (Skin Care)
Urology & Urology Surgery
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