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Oncoplus is just not like any other hospital to be choose for anti-cancer care .We are a specialized unit oriented to dispense the best anti-cancer care possible to the patients.


Let us take a look at some of the factors that make OncoPlus stand apart:

State of the art infrastructure and equipment: Oncoplus firmly believes that complications arising from treatment and the outcomes can dramatically improve with the use of right equipment and technology. The use of the state of the art resources helps in formulating treatment plans that significantly reduce side effects. Systemic treatment is adopted to specifically target the cancer cells.
Specialist Consultants
A team of eminent Anti-cancer super specialist consultants: Our team comprises of renowned oncologists who have years of experience in treating cancer patients. Depending on the kind of cancer, your cancer specialist will coordinate with other specialists to formulate an effective treatment plan and the responsibility of your care is completely taken care of. With years of experience, our oncologists are well aware of the latest advancements in this field and will make sure the treatment phase is as smooth as possible without interrupting your daily routine.
Anti-Cancer Care
The anti-cancer drugs like chemotherapy that were used earlier for treatment caused a lot of side effects. New anti-cancer drugs can reduce side effects. Our dedicated team of specialists uses latest drugs that will help in coping with chemotherapy a lot better. Specialists also educate patients on how a healthy lifestyle, diet, supplements and exercise can fight cancer and reduce the risk of relapse.
Minimal or No
Minimal or no disruption to the routine: Our team of oncologists is equipped with the modern resources and equipment that reduces the side effects of chemotherapy. Patients are in a better position to deal with the after effects of chemo and this treatment approach guarantees less or no change in the patient's routine
Personalized Care
At Oncoplus, we ensure that each and every patient is provided with ample care and support to help them cope with the treatment and the disease. The warm and dedicated team of professionals will make sure that you receive the best of care. We believe that a positive outlook can improve the outcome and hence motivate and instill this attitude in all our patients.
Free Wi-Fi
The long hours of treatment can become monotonous and we understand this. To lighten the mood, we offer free Wi-Fi to our visitors.
Pick & Drop Facility
We offer pick up and drop facilities to our patients in an effort to make the experience as comfortable as possible.
Valet Parking
Our patients do not have to worry about the hassle of parking. We also offer valet parking to our visitors and patients.
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