Surgical Oncology

Surgical oncology is the use of surgery to treat cancer. Surgery is performed to remove the cancerous tumors and cell from the body. Surgeries can be performed in solid cancers.

There are cases where some people are not healthy for the surgery. It is not possible to treat all types of cancers with surgery. Some cancers like leukaemia or blood cancers can not be treated with surgical oncology method.

Surgeries can be used to diagnose and stage cancer, remove whole or part of cancer tumour. Some reconstructive or restorative surgeries are performed for reversal of the removed part.

Some times surgeries may be the only treatment for some patients. With some patients surgery is used along with chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiotherapy to treat the cancers.

Advances in the early diagnosis of cancer and increased understanding of cancer biology have broadened the way of non surgical treatments.

Tumors Cancer care has evolved very rapidly in the last few decades. So new type of surgeons are needed to keep pace with such changes. Our specialised cancer surgeons keep themselves upto date with latest research and findings on cancers through seminars, continuing medical education. They are highly trained to perform basic to even complex surgeries according the individual patients requirement.