• Medical and Hemato Oncology

    Chemotherapy is a type of cancer that uses one or more anti cancer drugs Usually in Chemotherapy drugs prevent disease progress by killing the cancer cells from dividing and growing.

  • Surgical Oncology

    Surgical oncology is the use of surgery to treat cancer. Surgery is performed to remove the cancerous tumors and cell from the body. Surgeries can be performed in solid cancers.

  • Radiation oncology

    Radiation therapy is a type of cancer treatment that uses targeted radiation to destroy cancer cells.

  • OPD

    All the patients who desires for OPD consultation should report at reception desk centrally located to our hospital in the lobby area.

  • IPD

    After the OPD consultation if your doctor advises for an inpatient treatment, please approach to our registration counter where you will be given complete details about your treatment plan and stay in hospital along with estimated expenditure.

  • Patient Counselling

    After the initial consultation and diagnosis of disease, our patient counselling team will give you more information regarding the diagnosis and ‘its treatment at our hospital’.

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