What makes Oncoplus the best in this field?

Oncoplus is cancer care centre that strives to provide cancer treatment using the latest advancements at a very affordable price and a truly personalized care is provided by a team of friendly and dedicated professionals who are experts in this field. Oncoplus will ensure that your treatment will be as comfortable as possible.

Are the doctors at Oncoplus experienced?

Consultants at Oncoplus are eminent Anti-cancer super specialists who are highly renowned and experienced. These consultants are abreast with the latest medical practices in cancer treatment and work closely with other specialists to formulate an effective treatment plan based on the type of cancer.

Does Oncoplus offer comprehensive anti-cancer care?

Yes. Oncoplus offers comprehensive anti-cancer care. We follow a balanced approach in treating cancer and management of physical, social and psychological aspects of the cancer patients and their families. We work towards reducing the distress caused during the treatment and ways to improve the quality of life of the patients.

Where is Oncoplus situated?

Our address is:

Oncoplus Cancer Care centre,

Address – A 288,89, 3rd Floor, Defence Colony

LandMark-Opposite Galaxy Toyota Showroom

We also offer pick up and drop and also provide valet parking to our visitors.

How to book an appointment and whom to approach for enquiries?

You can book appointments through this number: 08588909091

For enquiries, please dial: 011 41329995

Please visit the website for more details: www.oncoplus.co.in

Can I go for a second opinion at Oncoplus?

Yes. We encourage you to go for a second opinion before starting on with the treatment. Our doctors are very experienced and chances of a misdiagnosis are very remote.

What is a tumor board?

A tumor board is a meeting conducted by specialists in different disciplines to discuss and review certain complex cases, medical conditions and treatment options in detail.

What is the relevance of tumor board in the treatment plan?

Tumor board allows for an accurate diagnosis of the treatment and formulating a definite and effective treatment plan based on the knowledge and expertise of specialists in different specialties.

What are the facilities offered at Oncoplus?

Oncoplus is a specialized cancer cancer care centre that offers cancer screening, lab and diagnostic services, pre medications for chemotherapy, chemo-port insertions, isolation and double barrier nursing care, ultrasounds, IV supplements, nutrition and diet counselling, oncology psychology, specialized oncology OPD service of radiation, medical and surgical with multi-modality tumor board and post chemotherapy care.

What is oncology nutrition and what is its significance?

Our team of specialists encourages and educates patients on the importance of consuming a nutritious and balanced diet to help reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and the risk of a relapse and how vitamins and supplements can complement the treatment.

What is oncology psychology?

Pyscho-oncology is about educating patients on the impact of cancer on the lifestyle and the social and psychological impacts that can arise while battling with cancer. Patients are made aware how cancer can affect their mental and social well-being and factors that can cause progression and remission. The effects of chemotherapy and radiation are made known to the patients. Support and care are provided to the patient and the family members. This allows patients to develop a positive attitude throughout the treatment. Oncoplus provides this service to the patients.